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 Alien Worlds Recording Crew on The Atlantic Trader


The Alien Worlds Sound Crew board a 300 million-gallon oil tanker "The Atlantic Trader" in dry dock in San Pedro, California to record a myriad of sound effects for the Alien Worlds Series. Pictured Top to Bottom: Matthew Clark, Stu Jacobs, Diane Cannon, Cory Burton, Jonni Krajeski, Lee Hansen.

 Inside the oil tanker the Alien Worlds Special Effects Recording Crew.  Alien Worlds Recording Crew Aboard The Atlantic Trader
 Alien Worlds Crew Record Footsteps on The Atlantic Trader's Deck



On The deck of the oil tanker recording various footsteps.

 Another sound effects recording session aboard the oil tanker "Atlantic Trader" Pictured L-R: Lee Hansen, Cory Burton, Laurie Tyler, Diane Cannon, Matt Clark, Jeff Allen.  Alien Worlds Sound Effects Mission on The Atlantic Trader Oil Tanker 

Alien Worlds Sound Effects Recording Crew in San Pedro, California


In all, four separate sound effects recording sessions were held aboard the giant oil tanker "Atlantic Trader" in dry dock. Here sounds of closing steel doors, footsteps and various bangs were recorded. Pictured L-R: Jeff Allen, Diane Cannon, Jonni Krajeski, Lee Hansen, Matt Clarke, Laurie Tyler.

In the Alien Worlds studio, Lee Hansen coaches Chuck Olsen on his role as Buddy Griff for the episode "Night Riders of Kalimar."
Alien Worlds Director Lee Hansen with Chuck Olson (Buddy Griff) 
Lee Hansen with Cory Burton Recording Alien Worlds Episode 
Lee Hansen with Cory Burton (Starlab Control's Jerry) working out final details on "The ISA Conspiracy" episode of Alien Worlds.
Dialogue review for the episode "The Resurrectionists of Lethe" with L-R: Hans Conried (Simon Toddmaster), Lee Hansen, Joseph Secarri (Rachett) and George DiChenzo (Burke)
Lee Hansen reviews dialogue with Hans Conried, Joseph Secarri and George DiChenzo 
Lee Hansen and Peter Leeds (Travis Silverthorne) 
Lee Hansen with Peter Leeds (Travis Silverthorne) in preparation for "The Night Riders of Kalimar."
Lee Hansen directs the cast and crew of Alien Worlds in the studio control room with Jeff Allen, Stu Jacobs and Erin O'Neil.
Lee Hansen directs the cast and crew during an Alien Worlds taping session 
Lee Hansen and Stu Jacobs During Alien Worlds Recording Session 
Lee Hansen reviews final mixdown preparation with engineer Stu Jacobs in the Alien Worlds studios.
Alien Worlds Music Staff at England's Music Centre Studios, Wembley. L-R: Music Director Tom Rounds, conductor Richard Holmes, composer Jim Kirk and engineer Dick Kewzey run through just-completed tracks of "The Alien Worlds Suite."
Recording the Alien Worlds Music Score in London 
London Symphony records the Alien Worlds Suite 
The 57 piece London Symphony Orchestra recording "Alien Worlds" score at Wembley, England.
he Cast of Alien Worlds
The main cast of Alien Worlds
Pictured L-R:Roger Dressler (Narrator & Commissioner White), Linda Gary (Maura Cassidy), Bruce Phillip Miller (SET Captain Jon Graydon), Cory Burton (Starlab Controller Jerry Lyden), and Chuck Olsen (SET Captain Buddy Griff).
It was a pleasure working with all of these people. They made ALIEN WORLDS come alive for your fun and enjoyment. I invite you to join them for a wonderful journey through your mind's eye. From The Elsewhen And Elsewhere of . . . Alien Worlds.
Lee Hansen, Series Creator, Writer, Producer & Director

Learn more about Lee Hansen's career here.

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