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About American Radio Personality/Producer Lee Hansen

Leland (Lee) Hansen, (born in Spokane, Washington) is an American radio personality and voice actor best known for creating the popular Alien Worlds radio drama in the late 1970s.

Lee Hansen Background

Lee Hansen began his entertainment career as a ventriloquist in eastern Washington near Spokane.  He later began his radio career in the early 60's at KCLX radio in Colfax, Washington while still attending High School in Tekoa, Washington. After graduation he joined the Army and was assigned to radio operations school at Ft. Gordon, Georgia.  He was among the first troop deployment under President Kennedy to Vietnam and assigned to the 119th Aviation Company in Pleiku, Vietnam as a radio operator.  At the time American Forces Radio (AFRS) was just beginning and they were in need of a morning DJ.  Lee sent an air-check of his on-air work to the commanding officer at the station, Air Force Lieutenant Donald Kirtley.  His commanding officer in Pleiku, Army Major Donald Smith however, refused to grant Lee's request for transfer to Saigon three times.  It was finally through the efforts of AFRS commanders and a high ranking general that facilitated (at that time in Vietnam) the first third Army inter-theater transfer of its kind.  As a result, Hansen became a founding member of Armed Forces Radio Saigon (AFRS) in the spring of 1963. The radio network would eventually spread and serve over 500,000 GI's, and Hansen hosted the station's very first morning show in Saigon, "The Dawnbuster." This program was the predecessor to The movie "Good Morning Vietnam" and countless other radio personalities followed in his footsteps throughout the Vietnam war.  Ironically, Major Donald Smith from Pleiku (who earlier refused Lee's initial transfer request 3 times) later called upon Lee to help arrange to get musical instruments and entertainment for the first anniversary of the 119th Aviation Company.  Earlier efforts by the Major to do so had failed.  Lee answered the call and arranged not only the musical instruments, but the musicians to play them.  He then secured a C-140 Air Force Transport to fly himself, the instruments, musicians and Lee's morning news man Bob Andresen, from Saigon north to Pleiku.  Lee MC'd  the show and performed a ventriloquist act and carried on comical banter with Bob Andresen.  The resounding successful USO show for all the troops was followed by an accommodation letter to Lee from Major Smith regarding the event in October 1963. Click to view  See Hansen's AFRS tribute here (scroll half way down the page).

Hansen returned to Ft. Benning from Vietnam and worked part time as the morning DJ at WGBA in Columbus, Georgia.  Following an honorable discharge from the Army in 1965, he worked as a disc jockey for major Top 40 radio stations around the country and was later invited to join Mel Blanc Audio Media in Hollywood.  Lee was thrilled to work with Mel Blanc, and  served as Creative Director and Studio Operations Manager and as a voice-over director.  A year later he was appointed Director of The Mel Blanc School of Voice and Commercials which trained many top talent in the industry.

He later was invited by Tom Rounds to join Watermark Studios working as a co-director and recording engineer for the newly created nationally syndicated "American Top Forty" with Casey Kasem.  Soon Hansen was appointed studio manager and worked as a producer and co-producer for several syndicated radio shows including "American Country Countdown" with Bob Kingsley; The "Special of The Week" with Robert W. Morgan; "Soundtrack of The Sixties" with Gary Owens; "The Elvis Presley Story" with Wink Martindale and other special features.  While at Watermark, in 1977 he became best known for creating, producing, and directing the popular dramatic radio series "Alien Worlds – On The Threshold of The Unknown."  The stories were written by Hansen and Ron Thompson with a variety of other co-writers including providing the debut of the first scripts ever written by writer J. Michael Stracynski who went on to write "Murder She Wrote", "Babylon 5" and "The Changeling." The hit science fiction drama, syndicated by Watermark, was eventually picked up by more than 1500 radio stations worldwide, including 600 top rated FM stations in the US.  It most recently re-aired on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Later career

Following Alien Worlds, Hansen went on to UCLA Film School. He later gained prominence with his production company “GDE” as a writer, producer and director for film and TV features centered around the US Space Program and Aerospace Industry. Hansen is currently the CEO of Addlink, LLC, a Hollywood production firm for radio and TV commercial production.

Radio work As a DJ

• KCLX Colfax, Washington
• AFRS Saigon, Vietnam (Founding member)
• WGBA Columbus, Georgia
• WQXI Atlanta, Georgia
• KJRB Spokane, Washington
• KASH Eugene, Oregon
• KENO/KLUC-FM Las Vegas, Nevada
• KORK AM Las Vegas, Nevada
• KUTE FM Los Angeles, California

As a Producer

• American Top 40 with Casey Kasem
• American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley
• The Robert W. Morgan Special of The Week
• The Elvis Presley Story
• Murray The K Mysteries
• Soul Train With Don Cornellius
• Soundtrack of the '60s with Gary Owens
• Alien Worlds with Linda Gary

Further reading

• Straczynski, J. Michael. "The Complete Book of Scriptwriting." Writers Digest Books, 1996. ISBN 0-89879-512-5.
• "Who's Who In Entertainment." Marquis Who's Who, 1990. ISBN 0-8379-1850-2.

KCLX Radio 1961

AFRS Saigon, Vietnam 1963
  AFRS Saigon One Year Birthday
AFRS Saigon First Year On The Air - Founding Members
1 XO, AF Lt. Kirtley 2 Lee Hansen 3 Frank Riley 4 Chief Arbuckle
5 Monte 6 John 7 Steve 8 Bob Andresen
Lee Hansen On The Cover of Saigon Roundup in the Mid 60's
Hansen at AFRS In Saigon, Vietnam

ARMED FORCES RADIO STATION's popular LEE HANSEN, host of the lively DAWN BUSTERS morning show, is snapped going over his program schedule with HEDSUPPACT Special Sevices Recreation Director, MISS ROSALIE LENAHAN, of W. Palm Beach, Florida. LEE HANSEN brings to AFRS considerable professional civilian experience in radio broadcasting. MISS LENAHAN tapes radio spots of Special Services activities for dissemination to US troops over AFRS.
ARMED FORCES RADIO STATION, located on the ground floor of the BRINK BOQ, operates 18 hours per day from 0600 to 2400 daily, presenting a variety of programs from top United States Radio Networks as well as complete local music and news programming. Visiting hours are not standard, but the station will take small groups through the studios if prior arrangements are made with the station manager, Navy Chief BRYANT ARBUCKLE.

AFRS Saigon, Vietnam 1963
"Destination Noon"

AFRS Saigon, Vietnam
Original "Dawnbuster"
  Hansen with Rodney Marco Entertains Troops at USO Event
Entertaining Troops at USO Events
in Vietnam
 Lee Hansen with Rodney Marco Entertains Troops in Georgia 1965
 Entertaining Troops in Georgia

WGBA Columbus, Georgia

WQXI Atlanta, Georgia

The Mel Blanc School

Mel Blanc Studios
Voice-Over Session

Radio Producer, Mel Blanc Audiomedia
"The Gary Owens Special Report"

Director, The Mel Blanc School
Of Voice and Commercials

Lee Hansen directing
Hansen directing "Alien Worlds"


Lee Hansen with Chuck Olsen reviewing a script for an episode of
Hansen with Chuck Olsen "Buddy Griff" reviews a new script for "Alien Worlds."

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